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Dry Concrete Crack Filler

Prevent further water damage and tripping accidents!

Concrete crack filler made with ConSANDtrate - Intelligent Bond Technology. 

Water activated - Weather resistant - Self healing

  • Formulated for hairline cracks and cracks up to 2" wide.

  • Joint stabilization for natural stone, bricks, and concrete.

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Dries to touch within 1 hour, full cure in 48 hours.


Dry Concrete Crack Filler is a polymerized concrete designed for superior performance without the hassle of traditional crack fillers. Installation is simple, with results that look natural and clean. DCF is made with a mixed grain structure to provide uniform bonding. Fine grains allow the solution to penetrate hairline fractures to saturate the crack completely, unlike dense mortars. When exposed to water, the particles are permeated, and a bond is created as water evaporates. The result is a hardened infill that joins concrete and keeps water out, preventing further damage from freeze/thaw cycles.

Dry Concrete Crack Filler


Dry Crack Filller is a blend of fine aggregate and small polymer particles. The polymers fill the space between the aggregate to create a tight, uniform fill. Dry application allows the filler to penetrate deep cracks and fully saturate the gaps between concrete.

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